I am Sudipta Kundu.

Expert in Planning, Developing & Managing Business.

Here is My Story


It was not once upon a time. It was always! I was always curious about how businesses run and make people run for their money. Hailing from a business family, I could sense both the sides i.e. the risk of doing business and the pleasure of success in business! So after graduating with Economics as major, I went to study MBA in International Business. My MBA consisted of 2 chapters viz India & France. I got the opportunity to mix with business people of both the countries and understood the cross cultural aspects of international business.

Enter the Market

I started my career, in true sense, in Mumbai, the financial & commercial capital of India. It was the year of 2004. Till date I have worked with several organizations, in different cities, primarily in the IT services industry. I have always been into client-centric roles. I enjoyed how clients have been more passionate about what they don’t want than what they want. But I love them for what they teach us and definitely give us. And yes! I could see very closely how businesses are run, within their constraints, but with the passion of accomplishing respective missions. So cool!

Co-Founding Experience

No one ever told me I am creative. But that didn’t stop me from creating a new business. I co-founded an IT service providing company. Its like fathering your own kid and bringing it up! Determination to succeed against all the odds and teething problems. On one hand it was about developing the team and infrastructure to house the business, on the other hand it was about acquiring new clients for a brand new consulting firm and serving them with world class results. The whole experience was learning, thrilling and amazing!

I know how to do this. And I'm loving it!

Currently, I run two businesses. One is Digital Medio that offers Brand Collateral Design, Animation, Infographic & Social Media Graphic Design, Web Design & Development and Digital Marketing services. Another one is Career Commission that offers Career Counselling services. Primarily, I am engaged in the following four major activities, most of my work day.

Marketing & Communication

To get the word out and present the right stuff to the right person at the right time.

Client Account Management

To handle accounts of large global clients as well as SMEs and startups.

Strategic Planning

To build strategies to plan, develop and manage multiple business ventures.

Team Management

To manage multiple teams involving people from diverse background

Success Figures


years of industry experience


international clients served


new business ventures launched


youngsters mentored

I have served more than 500 clients from
50+ countries

And this is what they say about me

Sudipta is a true professional who is a master of his craft. We worked together creating infographics of my work. He is smart, creative, organized and highly energized. The infographics he and his team created for me have been very well received. I am looking forward to working together in the future and recommend him wholeheartedly.

- By Ted Rubin
Social Marketing Strategist, Keynote Speaker, Brand Evangelist & Acting CMO of Brand Innovators

Would definitely recommend Sudipta to anyone and everyone who wants their work done with perfection. He is a talented guy who listens, assimilates & produces magical results. Goodluck in the future & keep up the good work Sudipta.

- By Pushkar Kharbanda
Pay Per Click Expert & An Ambitious Webpreneur

Stuff I love to do in my free time

I train, councel and mentor college goers and fresh graduates. Its interesting to work with Generation Y. I feel good to be able to help youngsters take important career decision.

I also love to travel around the country and sometimes abroad. I spend hours planning for the upcoming tours and memorizing the mesmerizing experience of the past vacations.




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